Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Sheees BAAAck

After a tech induced abcensce, Krista finally asked me (DZ) to update the blogger app. Now ready to go again so expect some catch up blogs. 

Friday, 19 January 2018

Travelling Maui

We have been mesmerized by Maui’s beauty!  What a wonderful vacation with Mel and Shayne!  We have done many activities!

Day 1 - walked beach at Wailea area, delicious Mai Tais  at Mulligans, capped off with a fancy Italian supper. 

Day 2 - morning sunrise at the top of Haleakala Crater, hike in Eucalyptus trees at Hosmer Grove, visit lavender farm.

Day 3 - drive to Lahaina (West Maui), stop at Front Street bistro for late shared lunch (bought local coffee beans), visited Kampala Golf Course, sunset at Makalua-puna Point, supper at Maui Grill (local hangout with Uke entertainer)

Day 4 - Gorgeous weather for snorkelling at Molokini Crater and Turtle Island!

Day 5 - hike at Iao Valley State Park to see the Iao Needle, stopped at the gorgeous Frank Lloyd Wright designed clubhouse at the King Kamehameha golf course, ended with the Te Au Moana Luau (Ocean Tide) at the Wailea Marriott Beach Resort. 

Day 6 - Don and Shayne golf at Kahili Golf Couse after we all enjoyed brunch there, Mel and Krista toured Kihei beach and did a bit of shopping, for supper the BBQed chicken skewers. 

Day 7 - Sunshine Helicopter Tours for an hour long helicopter ride over West Maui and Molokai (more remote Island with steep cliffs where they do a lot of filming:  Castaway, Lost, Jurassic Park, etc.), lunch at Fatt Chicks in Wailea for best burgers ever!, then drove around the back side of West Maui (rough road, hair pin turns, Olivine Pools, Blow Hole), ice cream at Whalers Cove Shopping Centre in Lahaina, order in pizza for supper. 

Day 8 - Blair and Claire with kids for beach time in our little protected cove.  Afternoon trip to the Maui Ocean Centre to see local Hawaiian fish in the aquariums, supper at Bobs BBQ. 

Day 9 - Very windy day!  Elegant dining for noon meal at Mamas Fish House, hiked Twin Falls which is one of the stops on the Road to Hana tour, grilled cheese sandwiches for supper. 

Day 10 - road to Hana

Day 11 - 

Day 12 -

Day 13 -

Day 14 -

Day 15 -

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Rust Dyeing Reveal

Our Mesa group of fibre artists, FAME, did rust dyeing as our latest project. Linda led us through the technique of wrapping fabric in rusty items, spraying them with a vinegar and water solution and letting them sit covered for 24 hours. I took them out of the bag this morning. Rinsed them in salt water and then washed them. Here is the reveal!  What do you think?
Linda showing us a finished art piece using rust dyed fabric. 
Here are my pieces of fabric on an old cookie sheet after sitting for 24 hours. 
After washing; here are my samples. 
Silk dupioni. Rust dyed shibori style with steel wool and iron filings. 
Green batik fabric rust dyed with a gear. 
Various cotton fabrics rust dyed with nails. 

Monday, 20 November 2017

Walking Companion

Our Mesa neighbours got a Golden Doodle (cross between a Golden Retriever and a Standard Poodle) named Arizona. I have been taking her for a walk almost daily. She has a lot of energy as she is only 9 months old, but is very good and willing to please. I have been attempting to train her to walk comfortably on a short leash. Every day she gets better and better!

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Two Favorite Threads News Flash

I learned something new today about my favorite thread, Mettler Poly Sheen. It is identical to Isocord Thread, right down to the colour numbers!  Did you know that?!

I love Mettler Poly Sheen thread. It is a bright shiny thread for bold thread work. It is 40 weight so it shows up nicely. It is strong and rarely breaks, even when free motion stitching. 

I have seen Isocord thread before and even bought one spool to try it out. Machine embroiderers like to use it for the gorgeous colours and strength. You don't really want your thread breaking in the middle of an embroidery piece!

I probably will still buy Mettler Poly Sheen as I don't go through the same large quantity of thread as embroiderers. And I like that I can buy a large variety of colours without too much expense. But I think I may buy the bigger cones of Isocord in my most used colours. 

My favorite thread looking like eye candy in this display at Mad B's Quilt and Sew. 
Notice the small words Amann Group. 
Here is the display of Isocord thread on the larger cones. 
Aha. The same Amann Group label. I never noticed this before. 

Friday, 10 November 2017

Postcards Front and Back

I finished two postcards. I found some cute vintage postcard back designs on the Internet and printed them on fabric. After bonding these to the back of my quilted images I sealed the edges using a satin stitch. They look cute!

The Front of the Mesa Arizona postcards. 
The top one is Inktense Pencils and free-motion stitching. The bottom one is all thread stitched. 
Backs of the postcards. 

More Inktense on Fabric Post Cards

I'm continuing to play with Inktense pencils. They are similar to a pencil crayon, but inside the pencil is a dry ink that acts like wet ink when water is added. 

I made two black-line drawings based on pictures Don had taken at Yosemite. One of the Half Dome and one of the Lower Yosemite Falls. I traced the black lines onto batik fabric with a fine black Sharpie pen. Then I added the colour using the Inktense Pencils. I chose about 6 pencils and created shades using just these few colours by overlapping colours and either pressing lightly or heavily. This gave me all the colours I needed in the intensity I desired. 

Once I got the colour on, then I misted each with water. I misted them quite heavily as I wanted the colours to bleed a bit to look like a water colour painting. 

I let the pictures dry. Misted them lightly and ironed them. This heat sets the colours so that they are now permanently set into the fibres of the batik fabric. 

Next I will sandwich and quilt them to make a couple more postcards. 

Half Dome after misting to get the ink into the fibres. 
Lower Yosemite Falls after misting with water. 
Heat set by ironing. 
Also, heat set. 
Today's two creations on the cork board beside yesterday's two postcards.